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Asynchronous DNS resolving.

In the DNS, a resolver processes and attempts to answer questions. This crate provides a number of such resolvers – or will be, once it is more complete. In addition, the crate provides higher level abstraction of the information that can be obtained via DNS queries. We call these lookups.

The various types of resolvers available all implement the Resolver trait which provides the basic functionality of all resolvers: asynchronously answering questions.

The following resolvers are available:

  • StubResolver is the most simple resolver of them all. It is being configured with a list of upstream resolvers and simply forwards all queries to those resolvers, expecting them to do all the heavy work.

    See the stub module for more information on how to use the stub resolver.

The lookups implemented by the crate are generic over the particular resolver, so you can pick the resolver most suitable for your own application or even implement your own specialised resolver. All lookups are implemented as functions in the lookup module. For convenience, they are also available as methods on the Resolver trait.



  • Lookup functions and related types.
  • The trait defining an abstract resolver.
  • A stub resolver.