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Auto-adapting stdout / stderr streams

A portmanteau of “ansi stream”

AutoStream always accepts ANSI escape codes, adapting to the user’s terminal’s capabilities.


  • Allows the caller to not be concerned with the terminal’s capabilities
  • Semver safe way of passing styled text between crates as ANSI escape codes offer more compatibility than most crate APIs.

Available styling crates:

  • anstyle for minimal runtime styling, designed to go in public APIs (once it hits 1.0)
  • owo-colors for feature-rich runtime styling
  • color-print for feature-rich compile-time styling


use anstream::println;
use owo_colors::OwoColorize as _;

// Foreground colors
println!("My number is {:#x}!",;
// Background colors
println!("My number is not {}!", 4.on_red());

And this will correctly handle piping to a file, etc


  • Gracefully degrade styled output




  • Selection for overriding color output Selection for overriding color output



  • Create an ANSI escape code compatible stderr
  • Create an ANSI escape code compatible stdout