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ANSI Text Styling

A portmanteau of “ansi style”

anstyle provides core types describing ANSI styling escape codes for interoperability between crates.

Example use cases:

  • An argument parser allowing callers to define the colors used in the help-output without putting the text formatting crate in the public API
  • A style description parser that can work with any text formatting crate


  1. API stability
  2. Low compile-time and binary-size overhead
  3. const friendly API for callers to statically define their stylesheet

For integration with text styling crate, see:

User-styling parsers:

Convert to other formats

  • anstream: A simple cross platform library for writing colored text to a terminal
  • anstyle-roff: For converting to ROFF



The core type is Style:

let style = anstyle::Style::new().bold();



  • Available 4-bit ANSI color palette codes
  • Any ANSI color code scheme