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Coloring terminal so simple, you already know how to do it !

use colored::Colorize;

"this is blue".blue();
"this is red".red();
"this is red on blue".red().on_blue();
"this is also red on blue".on_blue().red();
"you can use truecolor values too!".truecolor(0, 255, 136);
"background truecolor also works :)".on_truecolor(135, 28, 167);
"you can also make bold comments".bold();
println!("{} {} {}", "or use".cyan(), "any".italic().yellow(), "string type".cyan());
"or change advice. This is red".yellow().blue().red();
"or clear things up. This is default color and style".red().bold().clear();
"purple and magenta are the same".purple().magenta();
"bright colors are also allowed".bright_blue().on_bright_white();
"you can specify color by string".color("blue").on_color("red");
"and so are normal and clear".normal().clear();
String::from("this also works!").green().bold();
format!("{:30}", "format works as expected. This will be padded".blue());
format!("{:.3}", "and this will be green but truncated to 3 chars".green());

See the Colorize trait for all the methods.




  • A string that may have color and/or style applied to it.
  • A combinatorial style such as bold, italics, dimmed, etc.



  • The trait that enables something to be given color.