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This library contains caldav and carddav clients.

See CalDavClient and CardDavClient as a useful entry points.

Both clients wrap a dav::WebDavClient, and implement Deref<Target = DavClient>, so all of WebDavClient’s associated functions for are usable directly.

§Service discover

DNS-based service discovery is implemented in sd::find_context_url.


All href strings returned by the server are unquoted by this library before being returned to consumers. I.e.: you should assume that all hrefs have been url-decoded for you.

All functions that take a parameter named href (or similar ones like calendar_href) expect their input to NOT be URL-encoded. I.e.: you do not need to perform any quoting.


  • Authentication-related types.
  • Generic webdav implementation.
  • Names of common dav attributes and properties.
  • Service discovery helpers.
  • Utilities for handling XML data.




Type Aliases§