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A basic parser for .pem files containing cryptographic keys and certificates.

The input to this crate is a .pem file containing potentially many sections, and the output is those sections as alleged DER-encodings. This crate does not decode the actual DER-encoded keys/certificates.

§Quick start

Starting with an io::BufRead containing the file to be read:

  • Use read_all() to ingest the whole file, then work through the contents in-memory, or,
  • Use read_one() to stream through the file, processing the items as found, or,
  • Use certs() to extract just the certificates (silently discarding other sections), and similarly for rsa_private_keys() and pkcs8_private_keys().

§no-std support

The opt-out “std” Cargo feature can be disabled to put this crate in no-std mode.

In no-std mode, the read_one_from_slice API can be used to parse a .pem file that has already been loaded into memory.

§Example code

use std::iter;
use rustls_pemfile::{Item, read_one};
// Assume `reader` is any std::io::BufRead implementor
for item in iter::from_fn(|| read_one(&mut reader).transpose()) {
    match item.unwrap() {
        Item::X509Certificate(cert) => println!("certificate {:?}", cert),
        Item::Crl(crl) => println!("certificate revocation list: {:?}", crl),
        Item::Pkcs1Key(key) => println!("rsa pkcs1 key {:?}", key),
        Item::Pkcs8Key(key) => println!("pkcs8 key {:?}", key),
        Item::Sec1Key(key) => println!("sec1 ec key {:?}", key),
        _ => println!("unhandled item"),


  • Errors that may arise when parsing the contents of a PEM file
  • The contents of a single recognised block in a PEM file.


  • Return an iterator over certificates from rd.
  • Return an iterator certificate revocation lists (CRLs) from rd.
  • Return an iterator over SEC1-encoded EC private keys from rd.
  • Return an iterator over PKCS8-encoded private keys from rd.
  • Return the first private key found in rd.
  • Extract and return all PEM sections by reading rd.
  • Extract and decode the next PEM section from rd.
  • Extract and decode the next PEM section from input
  • Return an iterator over RSA private keys from rd.